Android development trends in 2019

Android development trends in 2019

Google Android Apps are the once that is installed frequently in every smartphones across the globe. The Android Mobile Apps development business is nearing a trillion Dollar business that is going to dominate the year of 2019.

Google Play Store is also regularly providing the updates for Android OS versions that presents with all new features.

Android Mobile Apps trending are mainly fostered through the enhanced User Experience felt from app user. Generally there are a thousands of Android Apps readily available in Google Play Store.

However, the uniqueness of the android app to attract more number of users deem the trend setter. Few of the trend setters that should definitely boost the android app development are:

1. Machine Learning & AI in Android Mobile Apps

2. Internet of Things (IoT) in Android App Development

3. The Kotlin Era on Android

4. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

5. Cloud-based Android Apps

6. Block chain and Android

7. The rise of Chat Bot Android Apps

8. In-App Payments with Google Pay

9. Improved Security for Android Apps

10. Android Instant Apps


Many of the Android App Development Companies are expecting to get high profits in the range of $6.3 trillion before 2021. This proves that Android Mobile Apps are going to be the trendiest apps in the future. Coincidentally all the Android Mobile Apps are going to have the best of User Interface and better operations.